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2.0kwp Solar PV System installed in Louth

Enerpower recently completed an installation of a 2.0kwp Solar PV System in Co. Louth.     Solar PV Panels work from both direct sunlight and indirect sunshine, showing that solar energy can be made almost anywhere there is sunlight.

Enerpower is one of Ireland's leading renewable energy companies, providing a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for public, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic customers working across both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Solar Panels offer a low cost, almost negligible for operating and maintenance compared to costs of other renewable energy systems.   Residential solar panels are easy to install on rooftops or on the ground without any interference to residential lifestyle.

If you would like to generate renewable energy for your home or business and be financially rewarded for doing so, contact Enerpower on 051 364 054.  We will carry out a detailed survey at your property and offer you a bespoke solution that suits your needs.